Interested in serving more people,
growing your audience,
building community and
making a bigger difference?


I work with passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who have a mission and message they want to get out to the world.

Creatives, coaches, holistic health & wellness warriors, visionaries, and lightworkers.

Together, I will guide you on your storytelling journey, help you craft your brand, dig deep into your passions and purpose, implement visual and content marketing, and be your cheerleader for your success.

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Let's Co-Create Together

Good branding is the difference that will make you stand out from the crowd and bring you more sales. You need some S.O.S. stat on your brand & visual identity. I can help clarify your story. We’ll come up with a brand style guide and mood board together, with an option to upgrade to full on brand + web design package.

If you are interested in Shine On Sessions, click here to schedule your free clarity conversation and fill out a quick questionnaire.

Get more information on the Shine On Sessions here.

Clarify your mission and vision with a passionate manifesto design. When executed masterfully, your manifesto has the potential to gather your tribe, increase your visibility, and go viral. Use this manifesto for inspiration to ground your path, or sell prints, t-shirt designs and other fun swag.

If you are interested in creating a beautiful manifesto that fits your mission & message, click here to schedule your free clarity conversation and fill out a quick questionnaire.

Do you need an e-book design? Do you have an e-course that needs worksheets? Need help in converting your files to Kindle? I can help you with your e-book, e-course, or other digital experience from idea, implementation, and launch.

If you are interested in ebook design, click here to schedule your free clarity conversation and fill out a quick questionnaire.

Team Partnership

Don’t DIY when you can scale your business with a specialized team while staying in your own zone of brilliance. Let me help with an ongoing “in-house” partnership.

Through this partnership, me and my team of qualified freelancers work on digital marketing, strategy, copy + copy editing, design, tech, sales funnels, and implementation for your e-course, e-book, or e-magazine. This VIP service is for high-level entrepreneurs + coaches sick of buying e-courses that teach them how and would rather ‘insource’ it to knowledgable and skillful talent for less than the price of a mastermind or e-course.

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