Your story matters.


You’ve got something to say.

A gift. A message. A purpose-driven mission that you want to share with the world to shift people’s lives in positive ways. People want to hire YOU, and you want to serve more clients and live your truth.


You know that being online is a powerful way to reach more audiences and attract more of your ideal clients, but you’re just not sure you’ve got a handle on how to do it. You feel invisible and don’t know how to stand out online. You haven’t quite hit your sweet spot.


Deep down, you know you’re meant to do great things in the world. You have passion for what you do yet feel like a walking contradiction with self-doubt knocking you down and constantly feeling stuck, unclear and in a rut.

I’ve been there and I know how it feels to play small.

You want to take your business to the next level but your website doesn’t match your personality and doesn’t make you feel proud to share who you are and what you offer. You also want to go deeper in Why you do what you do, and have a sense that there’s a greater movement behind it, but don’t know how to articulate it. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle of not being seen and thus, not being heard.

I’m here to blast some clarity and help you shine! And I’m here to give you permission to start showing up and playing bigger. I believe it’s YOUR time to shine.

Let me help you with a quick, powerful, shine on session!

In this one 90 minute session, I will help you:
• Get clarity around your WHY, mission, vision and goals
• Put together a brand mood board live and on-the-spot using Pinterest
• Hone in on your branding and visual identity
• Shine a light on your Movement, and Manifesto

You will also receive a brand blue print, aka style guide (PDF) which will include your color palette, font styles, and brand mood board collaged together from the work we’ll do on Pinterest. The brand blueprint acts as your own personal manual to your brand story and visual identity and is a great reference for designers, copywriters, and other service professionals that you may end up working with in the future.

Lastly, to get you started on social media with your updated brand, I will design ten social media images on Canva, so you can have customized templates that you can continue designing off of on your own.


You’ll also receive a manifestation guide and worksheet to help you move through your fears, get unstuck, pivot your mindset and take you one step at a time towards reaching your goals and creating your ideal business and life.

The value you’ll receive during the Shine On Sessions is worth over $1,000 but your investment is only $497.

Contact me now to book your complimentary brand breakthrough makeover and see if we would be a good fit.

I want my breakthrough!

Start your brand journey off to a fresh start with my Shine On Session or upgrade to a website design package. My unique approach starts with strategy Shine On Sessions and your lead magnet as the central approach, to make sure we’re in line with your business goals and design a website that converts.

Shine On Session Brand Package

  • 90 Minute Shine On Session
  • Brand Style Guide + Mood Board
  • 10 Social Media Images
  • Bonus Brand worksheet

Shine On Session Website Package

  • Everything on brand package PLUS
  • 4 60 Minute Shine On Sessions
  • Web Assets
  • Custom and Unique WordPress Design
  • Social Media Designs
  • Lead Magnet & Email Marketing Integration

Ready to step in to your business? Contact me now to book your complimentary brand breakthrough makeover.

Let's do this!