Meet the Team

JanetBrentBioJanet Brent, Queen Bee & Founder

Janet is the Queen Bee founder, and creative of By Janet Creative. She strategizes with clients on their big vision for their branding, e-books, or digital courses, and is the creative director involved in every step of the way. When she’s not snapping foodie pics or taking pictures of her cat on Instagram, she’s also designing and formatting ebooks, helping clients create digital courses from idea to launch, and getting new clients in the door with free clarity conversations.

With over 10 years of design experience, and 5 years of online marketing osmosis, Janet’s work is intuitive, and inspired, with a knack for creating exactly what you want, even if you don’t know what that looks like. You can read more about her story here.

Cher Hale, Client Care ConciergeCherHaleBio

Cher is our team’s Client Care Concierge, which basically means that she spends her days thinking of creative systems that will make everyone who works with us feel seen, loved and taken care of. When she’s not overusing emojis on Twitter or learning a new foreign language, she also helps us stay on track with all of our projects.

kittyeeveeKitty Eevee, Shining Star

Kitty got her name through Pokemon from a previous owner but was lovingly adopted by Janet in May 2016 to help with company morale as well as keep the magic going. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as sacred animals, and the Cat Goddess, Bastet, was often depicted as a black cat. With Sacred Business at her ethos, Janet recruited Eevee, also known as Bituin, or Shining Star, in the native language of the Philippines. Eevee reminds By Janet Creative not to dim your shine.