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manifesto workbook

manifestoworkbookYour business is growing, and you’re grateful! But you still feel like you need to step into your greatness and self-worth, tap into your unique message, and shine your light to a bigger audience.

You’re ready to start creating a movement with your story.

This Business Manifesto Workbook will help you to craft your business’ unique story even if you think you’re a terrible writer and you’re not sure what your niche is.

It’s also perfect for any business owner who is in the middle of a major transition, which requires a rebrand.

when you’re finished, you’ll:

Have 3 stories that will simplify writing your About page, mission statement, and the dreaded “what do you do?” question

Envision the evolution of your business so you can make smarter long-term business decisions

Be able to speak about your offerings with clarity (while still showcasing your unique je ne sais quois)

Start creating content that receives more comments, replies, retweets and shares


Your business manifesto is the difference from a business that takes any job to get by, and drains your energy to a business that carefully chooses who to invite, because you only work with people truly aligned.