The Link Between Your Sensual Story and Your Business Story

Do you feel worthy of being taken care of? By your lover, by yourself?

Do you feel worthy of being loved?

A couple years ago, I thought I wasn’t ready for love because XYZ (this could be anything).

Sure, I was seeing guys here and there but nothing serious. I’d enter those relationships with the sense from the beginning that there was a relationship timebomb ticking. That ever elusive endpoint scheduled in at precise dates, not unlike conscious uncoupling, but happening on the road.

These were “vacationships,” the latest millennial buzzword for relationships that happen during travels. Although these relationships were still meaningful to me, I knew they didn’t have longevity, and I was still playing commitmentphobic enough not to mind. Nevertheless, despite my Buddhist impermanence tendencies, it was still hard to let go.

I thought I wasn’t ready for love because I was so far into debt.

I thought I’d be a burden, unworthy, and someone who wouldn’t be deserving of love. I needed all my ducks in a row first. Zero debt (or at least substantially smaller) and a six-figure business, at the minimum. I held myself back from love because I didn’t have those things. Finally, a year ago, I realized how silly it was to halt such a big part of my life and deny myself love just because I didn’t have XYZ. It was an exercise in self-love.

The moment I let go and surrendered to being enough–as I am NOW–the moment love walked into my life a year ago (at the bus stop, to be exact, while reading a book about manifesting your desires). I knew it was happening because of the spark I felt in my belly, the energy I felt between us, and the smile I had on my face (more of an insta-grin) the moment he walked out of the train after our instant connection and 10-minute conversation.

At that time, my business wasn’t doing great. I was living with my mom after traveling and living abroad for 4 years. I had been living on much lower wages in SE Asia, and the reverse-culture shock of maintaining a western-based business came with a rocky start. I desperately wanted to move out but wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to afford rent, even with a roommate.

Yet the moment I started seeing him, as strictly “friends with benefits” (as all my relationships start–dating aside), my business started to bloom. I went from not being sure I could afford rent to moving out within just two months.

No doubt about it, the link between your sensual story and your business story is real.

Why? Because pussy power is within your sacral chakra, and your sacral chakra is related to all things sensuality, sexuality, and creativity.

Having orgasms is the funnest way to opening your sacral chakra and allowing creative flow in your business (I hesitate to say it’s the fastest way because that’d be no fun).

Here’s a hint: the act of birthing something is a part of creation. Whether you’re physically making a baby, or digitally creating an online product or e-course, you are in major creation mode. And when you can have deep, daily, sensual orgasms? You can start to create and manifest the life you desire.

Fertility is sexy. From a biological standpoint, being youthful and able to create a living thing is attractive as hell.

Abundance is sexy. Creating something from nothing. Having everything you need.

Fertility and abundance go hand in hand. It’s the spirit of the worker bee. Productivity, fertility, abundance, and the energy that anything is possible.

To the novice soul, having powerful orgasms can create movement and circulate energy around the sacral chakra that’s enough to send out feelers to the Universe to create movement in your business and life.

To a more trained, perhaps even tantric soul, having powerful belly orgasms that have the potential to creep up your spine and into your third chakra–the intuiting, knowing, seeing, cosmic chakra–creates a more potent form of manifesting by thinking of exactly what you desire at the peak of orgasm.

Case in point. When I wanted to move out of my mom’s, I found a way out. I manifested my desires with a mind-blowing orgasm.

Be open to love. But most importantly, be open to self-love. It starts with you first.

If you can’t love yourself up, your business isn’t going to get any love, either.

Now that we’ve gotten the frou-frou stuff out of the way, it’s time to dig deeper.

How does your sensual love story link to your business story?

The honest truth? I have an editorial calendar I’ve been letting slip because it feels like “busy work” and it was making me broke. I haven’t been able to see its immediate relevance in “bringing in clients.” My traffic is embarrassingly nonexistent. My list is still hovering at 250. I’m failing the Online Business World.

After years and years of knowing what I should be doing, I’m still flinging spaghetti on the wall, hoping something sticks.

My mindset fluctuates from high to low. Lately, it’s been a lot of lows. Although I’m having sex on the regular, I’m having a hard time tapping into the flow.

What happened?

In a new relationship, whether it’s “friends with benefits” or something that’s Facebook Official, you feel on top of the world. Naturally, you feel like the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s called endorphins. You focus on the experience, and your mind is tapped into the present. And while sex is still uh-mazing, that sense of newness and on-top-of-the-world-ness starts to fade off after a year.

Suddenly, sex becomes about what you have to do next or how much money is left in your bank account or how you’re maybe an epic failure. You focus less on the experience and your mind is tapped into a ball of stress.

Worst case scenario, you might not even be having sex at all anymore!

You have to be extra diligent about self-care to keep the channel open and send those orgasms and desires out into the cosmos. If you don’t have a self-care routine or mindset practice, your sensual story falls off the wayside, making the link to your business story that much harder.

To stay turned on and tapped in to your sensuality and business story, you must stay connected to the present moment and keep your mindset high.

Think of it as sending feelers to the Universe. Your feelers are dulled if you don’t stay present (in tantric motion) during lovemaking or sex and if you don’t have a positive mindset. There’s a reason negativity is called a downward spiral, and you can’t be receptive to the Universe that way.

So even though this blog doesn’t “directly” link to “get more clients” and even though I need clients like, yesterday, I have to keep my chin up and create with the flow of the Universe this time instead of butting heads with fear and ego. (I am NOT a failure, I am a mission-driven six figure business goddess #andsoitis.)

It is all good.

With sensuality and a clear mind, I assure you, it gets even better.


Janet Brent

Janet Brent

Digital Storytelling Strategist/Designer

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