Launch When You’re Not Ready

At the time of this posting, I am “not ready” to launch. I can give you a full page of reasons (excuses) why I’m “not ready” to launch.

  • I haven’t found the perfect fonts
  • My about page isn’t perfect
  • My services aren’t thought out enough – I want to create individual pages for each service – possibly with price points
  • I need to write/design a welcome packet
  • I need to raise my prices and price for value – not per hour
  • My packages don’t have clever titles
  • My portfolio isn’t set up yet
  • I don’t have case studies for a more compelling portfolio, as opposed to a gallery
  • I need to add testimonials
  • My footer looks generic – I need to customize it more
  • I haven’t created my new freebie opt-in – do I even know what that is??
  • Hence my pretty, gold button on the home page header is non-functional atm. You’re clicking to nowhere, foo.
  • Should it click to a pop up or a landing page!? Decisions, decisions…
  • My sign up box for email newsletters isn’t even added on my website yet!
  • But who cares since I haven’t emailed my tiny list in over a year!?
  • Bullets are ugly as fuck and not indenting. Need to hack the code. Stat.
  • My Google search for indent codes aren’t working. What the hell!?
  • Ok, I “fixed” it using my code tricks within the blog post itself. Band-aid solution. It’s not changing the entire site. That’s annoying.
  • Crap. I just published my blog post and I wasn’t even finished. Dumb.
  • I need a privacy policy template I can copy and link on the footer. You know, to be legit.
  • I just added a bunch of photoshoot pictures with the nipplez. Zomg. No more hiding! What does this even mean!? What are the implications!? My name is Janet and I didn’t just break the internet. This isn’t Janet Jackson’s nip-slip now. No one knows who I am.
  • No one knows who I am. I’m not good enough. Wah wah wah 😉
  • I want to recreate my blog topics into self love, sensuality, and storytelling? Does that even make sense!? And how does it relate to ebook design, manifestos, e-courses, and everything else I’m here for? Am I cray? How do I connect the dots? La la la…
  • I don’t have my google analytics code installed yet, so I have no idea how many pervs peeps are viewing this right now!
  • Braindumping my behind-the-scenes brain (in list format) is so unprofesh
  • I don’t even have “official” brand colors because I haven’t created a brand style guide for myself like I do with all my clients. Shhhhhh. And official fonts!? Uh….
  • I’m not SEO optimized. Wait, I’m technically saying optimized twice. That’s silly.
  • Is this a mistake? Am I a mistake?
  • My business coach will think I’m crazy


  • I hired a stylist. Instead of putting clothes on, I’m taking them off. What the what?
  • Is my ideal client avatar TOO defined? TOO alienating?? Should I broaden it to appeal to more people? I mean, NIPPLEZ!!!!!! ZOMG!!


And on and on and on….

ready or not

The truth is, you’ve got to launch when you’re not ready.

I clicked “publish” when I wasn’t ready. Rookie mistake? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares.

This will never be PERFECT. And that’s ok.

Business is always a Work In Progress (WIP). You’ve got to keep going, keep publishing, and keep working. Refine later.

Remember, it’s Ready, Fire, AIM.

NOT ready, aim, fire. That’s the beauty of working for yourself. You make the rules. You decide what to choose. And there are a plethora of choices. A million ways to go about it. The best thing you can do is continue to listen to your inner compass––your intuition––and choose the things that feel good to you, so you can create a business truly aligned to YOU. In other words, let your freak flag fly! Do YOU.


So it’s no surprise that I’m a bit of a free-spirited hippy. Self-love, body love, and sex-positivism are some of the things I stand for. And while I’ve got no BDSM belt (Vanilla sex is cool, but sometimes you just gotta spank my ass!), I’m going to let my freak flag fly.

I’ve got no corporate experience and I’m not about to start now. I’m not your typical six figure corporate drop out that decided to build a business and become a coach. I came from nothing. A double minority who never made more than $15/hour with a J-O-B. Long story short, I quit my 9-to-5, traveled/moved to Asia, and ended up living in the Manila slums for 3 years (going back to my roots) while I slowly built a freelance business. True story.

I recently––within the first quarter of this year––decided to interview for a creative director position at a local business. I knew it was a mistake the moment I set up the interview. I have my ups and downs. Those times when I feel like business isn’t doing so hot. And then business picks up like it always does. I won’t shill out numbers but let’s just say I make way more than I could at a J-O-B. Because I’m unemployable.

I answer to no one but myself. I make the rules and I bend the rules. And I’m bendy AF.

It’s safe to say that I’m all in. Unemployable. Misfit.

I’ll happily carve out my niche and alienate myself as much as I need. Mastering the Art of Giving No Fucks is the best life lesson I could ever have. Only because I was a painfully shy teenager who cared a whole lot about what people thought. It’s time to Strip it Down and let that all go. It’s time to be vulnerable to the core.

And when my B/C-sized boobs are as big as man boobs anyway, why hide them? There’s a little bit of feminist (not feminazi) in me that wants to say “Internet, that’s a silly rule!”

Confession: I have a sex blog and I’m an eroticist at heart; an aspiring erotica writer. I can’t just hide this part of me any more. I have to let it all hang out, merge my multi-passions, and “come out”. I don’t know what it will look like. I have no clue how to “connect the dots”. But I’m going to try. That inner intuition in me feels like the moment I let myself SHINE, in all my snarky, swearing, sensual style, I will SOAR.

I’m NOT ready. I don’t have any books. And I sure as hell don’t go by the books.

We’ve all got to start from somewhere. Storytelling is more than just publishing books. It’s content marketing (blogging), visual marketing, knowing your WHY, branding, and everything in between.

It’s impossible to be perfect. You’ve got to start out in the in between. It’s the only way to get to where you want to go.