“People do not buy goods and services.
They buy relationships, stories, and magic.”

–Seth Godin


I’m Janet. Digital Storytelling Strategy is my superpower.

To all the holistic beauty, eco wellness warriors, health + life coaches, misfits, innovators, visionaries, futurists, creatives, spiritual growth gurus, disruptors, social enterprises, and rebels with a cause – your story matters.

That big vision behind your brand is what keeps your heart strings aligned, working in flow, and in service to why you do what you do.

I work with you to tell better stories through branding and creating e-books, manifestos, and digital courses from ideation to launch. My collective is a boutique digital publishing, web design and branding studio focused on strategy + implementation. We believe design, branding, and marketing are the magical trinity to launching your project. We value travel, play, and nature to rejuvenate our creativity and flow.

Time and time again, studies show that storytelling and emotion compel purchasing decisions over facts and features. Whether you’re selling an e-book or a digital course, or just selling services on your website, what drives people to buy from you is the story you tell.

I’m holding space for you if you are ready to…

  • Clarify your business story so you can grow profits through a deeply intentional client journey
  • Launch your story to a hungry, online crowd but don’t want to deal with the tech
  • Tackle sales funnels and/or lead magnets and want the strategy and implementation done for you in a beautifully refined way
  • Focus on your brilliance and let experts handle everything else
  • Create an e-book or digital course and want digital publishing help to decrease overwhelm

My Origin Story

When I was a kid, I remember writing, illustrating and bookbinding my own stories together.

I wanted to be a writer, teacher and artist. In high school, I job shadowed a graphic designer, which sparked my interest in going to an art school for a graphic design degree. My favorite class in college was publication design. The teacher owned his own vegan-inspired magazine and personally told me that I had a lot of potential with the work I do and could see me becoming very successful. That gentle nudge of encouragement meant the world to me, and I went from graduating with a graphic design degree to working in a one-woman print shop, starting a web design freelance business and on to what you see today.

The Battle Cry

Over five years ago, I dreamed of having a naked bodypaint photoshoot, but It wasn’t the first time I’ve posed nude.

My self-love healing journey involved modeling topless for a scar project that later went on to become an award winning photo. For my entire life, I’ve been so focused on the art of hiding that these major acts of vulnerability allowed me to find the power to choose the path of visibility.

That’s what I want for you. An online presence and digital offerings that feel so connected to who you are that you can’t help but own your brilliance and share them far and wide.

travelIt hasn’t been an immediate or easy path. My heroine’s journey led me to the heart of my motherland, the Philippines, where I lived in a Buddhist monastery for six months, a raw food community for three months, and the Manila slums for nearly three years, feeling anything but seen. Between that time, I even went on a 400 mile walking journey with nothing but flip-flops (like the locals).

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu

As a visionary, self-love advocate, and eroticist, I inspire women to lead their heroine’s journeys, craft their stories, and clarify their intentions to manifest their dream business and life – and it all starts with your brand.

Writing and creativity has always been a passion of mine, and I feel that writing is an excellent tool for marketing, manifesting, and messaging. Being THE go-to e-book design and digital publishing gal is my absolute dream job, and I can’t wait to help you in your dreams of writing your next book, creating your next e-course, or publishing your e-zine!

Ready to launch your e-book, brand, or digital course online?

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