5 Key Stories Every Business
Owner Needs to Craft

Imagine you have a business making leather backpacks. You source good quality leather from the U.S. and are proud of the craftsmanship behind what you do. You could list all of the features of your leather backpacks, but it’s likely that customers are going to gloss over it and as a result, you won’t stand out from your competitors. So you’re going to have to connect deeper with them. When this happens, you have to ask yourself: What makes my offering unique?

Let’s face it. As a consumer myself, I know I’m not going to buy products from an unknown company just because I like leather. When it comes to me exchanging the money I earn for a product, you’re going to have to make a better case than that.

So what can you do?

Tell better stories.

Storytelling helps you hook your fanbase, customers, and community into your brand and let’s them know that they belong. The details grab their attention and resonate with their values.

This is why companies like TOMS shoes, Airbnb and Nike have such a loyal fanbase. They know how to use stories to tug on our heartstrings and connect us to more than shoes or a place to stay.

The stories you craft are what help engage and entice your audience to connect with you, learn more about what you do, and feel closer to your products and services, making it easier for them to take the next natural step and buy.

Here are 5 key stories every business owner needs to craft in order to connect deeper with their ideal tribe.

Five Key Stories Every Online Business Owner Needs to Craft

1) Origin Story

The origin story is your WHY story. Why do you do what you do? What motivates you to get up in the morning? Tell the origin story of how your business started, and you might start turning heads. The birthing of an idea came from somewhere, so what can you say about it that makes your offering more compelling?

2) Epiphany/Breakthrough

People love insights and learning vicariously through other people’s a-ha moments, epiphanies, and breakthroughs.

Why not share helpful ideas that not only give your audience more value, but also lets them know that you’ve tapped into some sort of flow state?

Sometimes, epiphanies happen with information you’ve “known” to be true on an intellectual level but didn’t realize on a visceral level until much later. The fact that I’ve created my first editorial calendar for the first time ever, for example, is kind of a big deal to me (like woah!).

The breakthrough was me realizing that my business becomes a much stronger boat when I commit to taking myself and my business seriously through consistent and inspired execution. I’m excited to start sharing more value in a medium that I love so much but have ignored for so long — writing!

3) Rock Bottom Story

Vulnerability is compelling because people get captivated in drama and the struggle. They want something that will tug at their heart strings. Evoke emotion.

It’s inspiring to hear how people reached their rock bottom–their “Dark Night of the Soul”–and bounced back to overcome adversities.

Everyone can relate to failures, hardships, and negative patterns, so shining light on your shadows gives you the unique ability to stand as a leader that doesn’t feel too authoritative and untouchable.

Sharing your rock bottom helps you level with your community and showcase your humanity. We want to see your story arch; the ups and the downs. If you want to read one of mine, I wrote about one defining moment here.

4) Manifesto Story

Similar to your Origin Story, the manifesto is that spark in you that directly invites your tribe to join you in your movement. Because you’re not just selling a product or offering. Masterful brands sell an experience, a lifestyle, and ultimately, a movement.

For the leather backpack company, you might be selling a lifestyle of travel and adventure, with a nod towards the Great Outdoors. Your ideal tribe are people who love to travel minimally, globetrot, and explore inner and outer worlds.

How can you help them feel the way they want to feel and create the experience they crave?

By writing your manifesto, you tap them into the greater story that connects everything together; to connect their world into your world into one ecosystem.

Your manifesto, when written correctly, can be the bridge that lets your ideal audience know they want to connect with you and ultimately buy from you. You can learn more about how to craft your manifesto in my free manifesto workbook here.

5) Eat, Pray, Love Story

Elizabeth Gilbert popularized the memoir genre with her bestselling book Eat, Pray, Love that became a worldwide sensation and movie. Cheryl Strayed followed in her footsteps with the equally bestselling memoir, Wild.

You might be wondering what memoirs have to do with selling.

Sharing your journey, both personally and professionally, is a great way to connect to your audience and become a leader with a personal and professional brand. The “Eat, Pray, Love” or memoir story can be just as powerful as the manifesto. Just look at #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I hadn’t heard of Nasty Gal before I read the book, and now it’s one of my brand crushes.

Because Sophia added a hashtag to her book, signifying her millennial status and ideal audience like a boss, she managed to create a movement of girlbosses all around the world, all by sharing her strategic memoir to a group of hungry fans!

Feeling inspired? Let me know what stories resonate for you and your brand in the comments below.

Janet Brent

Janet Brent

Digital Storytelling Strategist/Designer

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