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We are a boutique digital storytelling collective for passionate, purpose-driven small businesses who want to grow their audience and clarify their message through content marketing, e-books, e-courses, and digital experiences.

I’m Janet, head creative and CEO of By Janet Creative, LLC. As “Ebook Queen”, I help design and implement e-books, e-course workbooks, interactive worksheets, freebie email marketing opt-ins, and more.

As a woman entrepreneur, I believe self-love, sensuality, and the heroine’s journey are cornerstones of a thriving business. We build stronger businesses through community, not as “solopreneurs”, but as a team.

That’s why I’ve created a team of high-quality content writers, designers, and digital strategists designed to uplevel your business. Partner with me and co-create a better business together. I’ll show you how.

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How to Infuse Sensuality Into Your Online Brand

How to Infuse Sensuality Into Your Online Brand

I’ve been writing a sex blog under a pen name as a creative outlet. When I was in college, I wrote a paper about censorship in art and pornography. I’ve also been interested in erotica for years and dream of writing erotica novellas. In fact, my vision is to create a...

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