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We are a boutique digital storytelling collective for passionate, purpose-driven small businesses who want to grow their audience and clarify their message through content marketing, e-books, e-courses, and digital experiences.

I’m Janet, head creative and CEO of By Janet Creative, LLC. As “Ebook Queen”, I help design and implement e-books, e-course workbooks, interactive worksheets, freebie email marketing opt-ins, and more.

As a woman entrepreneur, I believe self-love, sensuality, and the heroine’s journey are cornerstones of a thriving business. We build stronger businesses through community, not as “solopreneurs”, but as a team.

That’s why I’ve created a team of high-quality content writers, designers, and digital strategists designed to uplevel your business. Partner with me and co-create a better business together. I’ll show you how.

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How to Craft Your Business Origin Story

How to Craft Your Business Origin Story

Think back to the beginning of your business journey. Why did you go into business doing what you do? When I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer, teacher and artist. In high school, I job shadowed a graphic designer for a sewerage agency. I didn’t know what graphic...

How to Create Fancy Drop Caps in InDesign

How to Create Fancy Drop Caps in InDesign

I’ve been told I talk like I’m stoned when I create tutorials. I assure you that I am 100% sober in the making and creating of this video (and all subsequent videos). But you guys, I live in Oregon. It’s legal now. I grew up in the PNW (that’s Pacific Northwest for...

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